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by italian rock chick
21.07.08 - 13:30

Ciao ragazzi, had a wicked time at dukestock,and it didn't rain :-)!!!!!! Lots of people were there just for you and as usual you rocked!!! Looking forward to see you all again on the 9th and very glad you are playing 3 times in August. You know what happens when you don't play often, me and my friend Jenny get badly effected!! lol lol lol(you know what i mean) lol lol Ci vediamo presto, un bacionexxxxxxxx Angy x


by jennifer elphame
18.07.08 - 20:17

You see what happens when you leave it almost 2 months without playing- I turn to drink and into a devil woman! Help!!! keep me sane please play more I need you! Cheers for letting me storm the stage Colin and headbang with you to 747, What a night! See you Dukestock, Im leaving work conference early to get there on time. See you at the front. Jen X


by italian rock chick
14.07.08 - 10:38

Ciao ragazzi, oh my god, you absolutely knocked me for six saturday night. Almost seven weeks without hearing you play, it can not happened again!!!!! Thank you very much for the song that you played for me, i was thrilled that you remembered my birthday. Guys, see you at dukestock. As always you rock my world!!! Angy xxxxxxxx


by italian rock chick
18.05.08 - 12:53

Ciao ragazzi, what a night at the Duke of Wellington. You most definitely rocked!!! Thumbs up for your 2 new songs. I liked!!!!!! :-) Thursday at the King Billy should be fun,will be there, would not miss it for the world. See you soon guys. Your most devoted fan, Angy xxxxxxxx


by Big T
18.05.08 - 09:59

Guys yet another brilliant night, i enjoyed myself as usual. Good to hear some older stuff, i finally got to hear A Million Miles live, yay & the new songs are sounding great... Keep up the good work... See you soon.. Xxx


by italian rock chick
03.05.08 - 08:25

Ciao ragazzi, i am finally back from Italy, had a fabulous time, but missed your gig very much!!! As i promised though i played untamed at our huge party for liberation day on the 25th of April, and believe me, by the time i left my town, EVERYBODY KNEW UNTAMED. AH AH AH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Looking forward to see you very soon!! Rock on...... Angyxxxxxxx


by italian rock chick
13.04.08 - 20:41

Ciao ragazzi, as i promised you, i came to the gig at the harlequin in kettering. Told a few porkies to come, but hei, you are more than worth it!!!! You were amazing and i really let my hair down on the night, you probably noticed as well. ops!!! lol lol Wons't be at the next gig, will be in sunny Italy, but my spirit will be with you. On the 26th i will rock with my italian friends listening to your cds and we will kick ass.!!! Keep rocking..... your loyal fan Angy xxxxxxxxxxxxx


by kelly
03.04.08 - 00:57

hey up every1, i cant wait till u guys r in peterborough i will b down 4 that 1, missing u all, hugsssssssss, xxx


by italian rock chick
02.04.08 22:12

ciao ragazzi, what an unforgettable night, you rock my world!! The hoody is great, was proud to wear it on sunday. Thought i couldn't see you at all in April, but guess what boys, coming on the 11th, to rock with you again. Thank you for the great music. angyxxxxxxxxxx


by Big T
02.04.08 - 10:39

Cheers for another cracking night guys.... We enjoyed ourselves as normal... The hoodies look great on too!!! Catch ya soon... Xxx

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