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by Chris Selling
11.12.09 - 15:13

Do you have a date yet for your next gig at the King Billy (Northampton), seen you guys numerous times with my son Thomas (who was only 13 when he first saw you in 2006,we got thrown out after an hour!!), you're always great. Long live metal.


by Autumn
06.12.09 - 02:12

Hey guys, had great time at The Billy as usual, good to see you all again & my mate enjoyed his first time seeing you too... catch up soon...Xxx


by kelly gee
06.10.09 - 20:56

hi guys, looking forward to having you play at the British Arms 31st Oct. Like ur stuff. send me some posters asap. thanx kind regards Kelly Gee x


by Becki
07.09.09 - 20:36

hi guys Becki here was told some unfortunate news saturday night apparently the Harlequin in kettering has cancelled all its bands and they have a relief manager in there who's about 70!!! I guess this will be the end of yet another venue how sad - i presume your gig is also cancelled? We are gutted can't you find some where else that night????!!!!! Lol you are by far our fave band. Oh well will see you all on saturday at the Billy for as usual a right great night Becki and Mark.


by italian rock chick
04.08.09 - 08:31

Ciao ragazzi, it was really hard for me not to be able to express myself properly while listening to your wonderful music, but really i was not able. the night was really great, and believe me it was worth me dragging my a..e down Sawyers... you are the best!! I will be fully recovered by the time you play at the Goodbarns, and believe me the front row will be ALIVE again.... Love you guys Angy xxxxxxxx


by italian rock chick
27.07.09 - 19:08

Ciao ragazzi, enjoyed the set at livestock on saturday, minus the beginning... lol Paul really liked you, so you have acquired a new fan.... See u sat xxxxxx Angy xxxx


by italian rock chick
13.07.09 - 06:15

Ciao ragazzi, what a night at rock haven, had a brill time, fantastic energy in the crowd and the 2 new songs were ace.... see u very soon.... angy xxxxx


by italian rock chick
02.07.09 - 13:55

Ciao ragazzi, i was gutted not to be at the Harlequin, but was ill. Looking forward to see you in lincon, as its also my birthday's celebration.... Its been far too long without seeing you, friday the 10th will be memorable.. you rock!!!!!!! Angy xxxxxxxxx


by Sam
20.06.09 - 13:26

METAL! you guys rock! now i know why Cris speaks so highly of you!


by italian rock chick
29.05.09 - 13:10

Ciao ragazzi, i am so sad, no gig at the goodbarns!!! So long before the next one, will my heart be able to take it? WHO KNOWS!!!!!!!!!!.......... Angy xxxxx

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