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by italian rock chick
29.05.09 - 13:10

Ciao ragazzi, i am so sad, no gig at the goodbarns!!! So long before the next one, will my heart be able to take it? WHO KNOWS!!!!!!!!!!.......... Angy xxxxx


by italian rock chick
18.05.09 - 18:45

Ciao ragazzi, che serata sabato sera, fantastica, siete veramente i migliori!!!! lol lol lol ah ah ah wicked night saturday!! thank you so much for dedicating me a song!! it makes it all worth while!! See you at the goodbarns soon!! love you always angy xxx


by italian rock chick
11.05.09 - 16:53

Ciao ragazzi, what a night at the Billy!!!! It's definitely one of the best venues, fabulous crowd, great performance and of course lots of your material... THE BEST!!! I can not imagine what my saturdays would be like without Untamed... NIGHTMARE! don't even want to think about it!! lol lol lol Your most devoted fan Angy xxxxx


by italian rock chick
05.05.09 - 05:45

Ciao ragazzi, glad i came to boston to cheer the best band ever.... was a bit hard at first,you had a slight different croud,from what you used to,but i knew you would win them over...they saw true talent!! see you at the Billy Angy xxxxxxx


by HuanBigMutha
13.04.09 - 23:35

Caught your gig in Lincoln's Rock Haven, purely by chance. Live down Portsmouth way. Got to say you were the best sounding live band I've seen in years. Loved the Accept ! :) Pity about the size of the stage! Excellent guitar work, (I play as well and can spot sweep picking and speedy arpeggios even from the bar). Thanks for the best night out in ages (though we dont get out much).


by italian rock chick
13.04.09 - 09:07

Ciao ragazzi, Lincon........ it was great!! I must say that despite the conditions,( you know what i mean) you still performed at your usual high standards!!! TRUE PERFORMERS!!!!!! You now have a well deserved break, but May will be more than amazing!! See you then at my usual place lol lol lol lol Angy xxx


by italian rock chick
29.03.09 - 15:57

Ciao ragazzi, had a smashing time at Cottenham c.c last night... You played some great songs you hadn't played in a while... As always you rock... Will see you in Lincon... You definitely know how to give me magic moments!!! lol xxxx angy xxx


by italian rock chick
23.03.09 - 08:22

Ciao ragazzi, fantastic night at the WMC in Raunds, you played FOREVER again, you are the best. The DVD will be the bomb :-) see you next week! Love Angy xxxxx


by italian rock chick
08.03.09 - 16:02

ciao ragazzi, what a night at the Billy, i actually died and gone to heaven, you played lots of your music and you played my favourite song FOREVER !!!!! One of the best nights yet. unfortubately i had to miss the gig at the harlequin, as i am in italy, but i promise i was there really, i was still headbanging and shouting at the top of my voice. i love you guys, your most precious and devoted front row girl angy xxxxxxxxxxx


by italian rock chick
01.02.09 - 13:43

Ciao ragazzi, thank you very much for cheering me up last night, i really needed your fab music and friendship!!!! you are the best as usual, see you at the billy!! angy xxxxxxxxxx

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