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by gregory
27.11.06 - 17:01

Hi, I have just heard two albums.THIS is very spacious and healthy kind of music.For me you are like very special doctors of sound and noise.I got a good kick of metal.Keep on rockin' Have a good future for Untamed. Greetings from Poland.


06.11.06 - 21:36

czesc, i've just visited ur website. i like it a lot, hope to see more new pictures soon. gona c u live 23rd of dec. good luck 2 u all.


by Mark Sampson
28.10.06 - 20:52

downloaded the new tracks and really dig em; - look forward to hearin'em live.m


by Wladek Czepita
18.09.06 - 11:10

Never been at any of you gigs yet but I hope to do it next summer when I come to Peterborough.Your new album is a big step forward in your career.It looks like that the older you are the better you play.Good luck and keep up the good work!Special thanks to my penpal,Colin J.


by Thomas Selling
16.08.06 - 14:54

When's your next gig at the king billy


by Thomas Selling
13.08.06 - 16:26

I saw you guys on Saturday at the King Billy and you were great. I only got to see you perform for 1 hour cause i got kicked out cause im only 13. I still think you guys are great. Rock on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


by Matt
13.08.06 - 15:16

Did you know there was a band in the 60's of the same name as you guys? Just a heads up for the obvious reasons. There were fairly big, especially in south wales (where one of the band members is now a lecturer in music) and in London.


by Eduardo
28.07.06 - 15:04

Hello Untamed, I am Eduardo, I don't know if you still remember me. I am a Spanish guy who stayed in Kettering during summer of 2001 and 2002. I have seen you a couple of times live in concert and I liked it very much. About two years ago I sent some CD's to Miles Goodman about Spanish Heavy Metal Bands and he sent me to Spain a copy of your first LP "Nature's Messiah". I have sent you some e-mails but I don't know if you received them, so I would like to hear from you. I have also heard "Doryan Gray" and "Fallin", the new songs, and I would like to know how to get your new CD. Please, e-mail me. Keep on rockin' !


18.07.06 - 17:42

Just checked out Fallin & Dorian Gray on your site and am looking forward to buying the album when you play the Billy next.You guys seem to have raised the bar with this latest material and cant wait to hear the new stuff live and very loud!Keep up the good work.


by Pandora
30.04.06 - 21:03

Can't wait for the Billy gig! Lookin' forward to it as always! ;) Until then keep up the good work... C u soon! x x x

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