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by italian rock chick
12.01.09 - 18:46

Ciao ragazzi.. loved the gig at sawyers on saturday. It was great to see everybody after the festive seasons.... What i fix, i know feel energised again lol lol see you next week front row..... love you guys angy xxxxx


by italian rock chick
29.12.08 - 17:18

Ciao ragazzi, WOWWWWWWWW, the king billy rocked before xmas, the roof did come down lol lol . i had a ball that night, you are truly the best and this girl here is your most devoted fan.Have a fab xmas break. will see you all of next year, front row of course . angy xxxxxxxxx


by italian rock chick
30.11.08 - 15:10

Ciao ragazzi, you kicked ass at The Harlequin in Kettering. I must have danced a lot because i was exausted at the end... Its a good sign!!!. Thank you for dedicating a song to me, it did cheer me up. You are the best.... Keep rocking and good luck with Kerrang!! Will be thinking of you.. Angy xxxxxxx


by Matt Biker MK
20.11.08 - 19:44

Hey Guys, and the respective families :o). been out of the loop for a while when I moved to Nottingham, but back in MK again now so will try to come along to The Billy on 20th Dec to catch up with you all. I'm now in the same club as Graham was last time I saw you lot.... I'm a Daddy! Take care and love to the families. Keep Rockin' Matt


by italian rock chick
10.11.08 - 14:36

Ciao ragazzi, what a night at The Crown!!! God did i miss you. Fab news about your music soon to be found in HMV, you deserve it more than any other band.. You bloody rocked, only one word from me...FANTASTICO!!! See you at The Harlequin. Front row of course Angy xxxxxxxx


by italian rock chick
02.10.08 - 08:44

Ciao ragazzi, come state? fantastic gig at The Cannon, i needed it to recharge my batteries. Don't make me wait too long before the next gig,i just can't handle it, i love you all lots. Angy xxxxxx


by Dirk Thrust
17.09.08 - 19:50

Just want to wish you all the best of luck as a great rock band.I'm a great fan so 'rock on'


by jennifer elphame
09.09.08 - 16:26

Thanks for an awesome party at Grahams and Lisa's last weekend, you guys rock on and off stage and thank God you are never ever retiring from the local rock scene... right?.... We love ya. Big hugs The front row rock chick and the groovy gang X


by Robyn Babes
02.09.08 - 19:27

Heyy Its Robyn Angelas Daughter Just A Little Message To Say Good Luck And Well done For All That You Hav Achived. You Are An Amazing Band And Lovey People And I Could Of Swore I Heard One Off Your Songs On MOJO RADIO!! If Any Of You Happen To Read Thiss (Or Lisa) Please Say Heloo To Stuart For Me x Love Robyn x


by italian rock chick
21.07.08 - 13:30

Ciao ragazzi, had a wicked time at dukestock,and it didn't rain :-)!!!!!! Lots of people were there just for you and as usual you rocked!!! Looking forward to see you all again on the 9th and very glad you are playing 3 times in August. You know what happens when you don't play often, me and my friend Jenny get badly effected!! lol lol lol(you know what i mean) lol lol Ci vediamo presto, un bacionexxxxxxxx Angy x

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