Simon Scott

Bass Guitars


Photo © Sue / Music 224

Simon took up guitar at the tender age of 8 and started playing bass aged 13. "The two coolest people I knew played bass and they were my heroes - they still play bass and remain my inspiration and are both the gold standard in my book. Playing bass has been a life's passion and I owe both Rob and Pip my gratitude".

Simon played in several covers and original bands reaching a good level and learning his craft in the pubs and venues all over the UK. He recorded several demos, singles and albums but when financial pressure forced a career move to Northamptonshire he stopped playing for over 15 years - but the passion stayed with him and he never found anything to replace that 'performance feeling'.

Simon took up playing again with the Pat South Band before moving onto a covers band called Silent Bob and then onto to originals band Spiral Dive where performing, writing and recording uncovered the burning passion for playing once again. "Being bassist with Untamed suits my playing style to a tee. Steve Harris and Cliff Burton were hugely significant in my early playing career - and to be able to get on stage and show off the songs I've been playing at home for years is fantastic. I'd like to be able to bring my playing style to the songs we write too".

Simon has a huge range of musical interests from galloping '80s metal through to the slap and funk styles of the '70s. "Having a wide range of musical interests has always enabled me to take a different path when composing bass-line for new songs - it gives me a wider perspective - more to draw upon to get the result the song needs".

And what about future goals?

"My main goal is to get settled into the Untamed set-up and then bring my style to the band and the upcoming album."

I would like to thank...

"Being a bass player means that all those around you need to have the patience of saints - or poor hearing - so my thanks go to Roma for putting up with the endless hours of practice - and then everybody who has taught me, inspired me or supported me along the way".

Live Rig

Sandberg, Spector, Rickenbacker, Ibanez, Fender, Jackson, Peavey basses (plus a few more).

Bottom Line

"I only found my sound a few years ago - it is a combination of a Sandberg pre-amp on my bass, a Genz Benz head and lots of Trace Elliot cabs. It's a thundering combination guaranteed to loosen teeth and knickers!"