Paul Skinner



Photo © Danniel Ackerley 2014

Paul joined Untamed in late 2001 replacing Mick Shelford.

"I first got into metal drumming and music when I was 12 after listening to Iron Maiden, ACDC and Foreigner from a school friend. My father brought my first drum kit at 16 and I played in my first band at the age of 18. From that age to 32 I played in a number of bands. Then in 2001 I got the chance to join Untamed and learned a whole set of songs in a week! Several years on I enjoy the drums and playing in the band more than ever."

Paul's major metal influences are melodic, power metal, symphonic, progressive, AOR, folk, hardrock, melodic death, thrash, latin. He also likes history, particularly of the American civil war, running, exercise, Che Guevara, dogs and cats, not eating meat.

Future plans

"I am looking forward very much so to finishing our new songs and recording them with the best Untamed line-up to date."

I would like to thank

"All the band members past and present, Tina and Andy, Phil Pace, my Father, Hamdy, M."

Live Rig

Black Premier GenX Kit (Birch-Maple shell), Toms - 10x8", 12x9", 14x11", 16x13", Kick Drum 22x18", Snare - Premier Modern Classics 14x7", Tama G Maple 14x8, Paiste Signature Series Cymbals, Heavy full crash 19", Heavy full crash 18", 2002 power crash 18", Rude crash ride 18", Dry heavy ride 21", Heavy china 20". Sound edge hi-hat 14", Dark crisp hi-hat 13", Tama speed Cobra double pedal, Remo/Evans drum heads, Premier hardware, Pro-mark 5B sticks, Protection racket cases.