Charles Lamb



Joining in late 2017, Charles is the newest and youngest member of the band. Picking up the drums at the age of 10, he was tutored by a well known local legend, Lee Dash, and completed Rock School Examinations and played snare drum in Lee's military drum ensembles.

"I've always taken a liking to the heavier music, ever since being drawn to 'Can I Play With Madness' as a teenager. After learning 'Number of the Beast' for a Grade Exam, I was hooked on the single foot techniques and unusual riffs which seemed almost familiar, always being told 'that's another feather in your hat' after learning something new."

"I could go on forever with drummers that I admire, having listened to a wide range of music whilst keeping an open mind."

"In the past I've been involved with several bands and projects from Hollow Point to Worlds Aflame, Afterneath, and recording in the studios at Cambridge University. I've always been mad for drum and guitar gear, fabricating my own accessories and things that I couldn't buy anywhere else. This is where 'Lamb Drums' originated from.

"Two great achievements have been:"

"Breaking the world record for the Largest Full Drum Kit Ensemble on the 15th July 2012 as drummer No. 534 of 798 playing a full drum kit in time with the other several hundred drummers for a set amount of time. All in aid of raising money for Multiple Sclerosis."

"Meeting my idol, Mr Nicko McBrain - Iron Maiden in September 2015. After taking the train down to London a group of us dined among die hard Maiden fans before Nicko took to a small stage to talk about his life story. It was much more personal than band related. He spoke about his upbringing and family, and how the band members are best mates having spent so much time on the road with them. At the end I was naturally the first up to the front to meet and greet him, with a Remo Emperor X drum head for him to sign. It is now framed 'To Charles :) Nicko 2015'. Sadly I had to catch the train shortly after to work a 12hr night shift... but it was all worth it!"

Future plans

"I plan to knuckle down with Untamed, learning all of their back catalogue of fantastic songs, addictive riffs and technical structures. I feel in my comfort zone with this style of music and look forward to being part of future albums."

I would like to thank

"The Band for the opportunity that has arisen, Mum for giving me the opportunity to have drum lessons back then and buying the Black Pearl for my first kit that has only grown with time, My family and partner for their support, and my musically minded friends that share the passion."

Live - well oiled machine of death

Pearl ELX in ebony mist - 10" & 12" high toms, 14" & 16" hanging floor toms, 22" twin ported bass drum, pearl hardware, eliminator double bass pedal, Pearl custom alloy bronze shell snare. Vice Firth Jack Dejohnette sticks, Remo Pinstripe heads, Nicko's Paiste Power Slave signature 14" hats 18"crash & 22" ride, Zildjian 13" Dyno beat remote hi hat, Soultone 18" extreme crash, Bosphorus 18" paper thin antique crash, Meinl 14" Thomas Lang Signature filter China & Sabian 21" Holy China - signed by Chad Smith.

Occasionally, I may swap the shell pack for my 'Lamb Custom Drums' hand crafted kit.

Bottom line

"Although I have used most major drum manufacturer gear, all of which is unique in their own way, I have sworn by Pearl since the beginning and have in mind to seek endorsement in future from Soultone hand crafted cymbals and Vic Firth."